Lodge Rosa Stellaris


Servants of the Light School of Occult Studies


Lodge Rosa Stellaris is located in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area in the USA with membership from a broad range of esoteric traditions. Our work is framed within the Hermetic Tradition, where we follow the eclectic tangents of our interested membership.

LRS maintains an Outer Court functioning as a Western Mysteries Study Group where we study alchemy, astrology, planetary magic, have pathworkings, and listen to presentations made by interested participants. We have a ritual-based Inner Court which is focused on training the modern magician, solar influences, Hermeticism, and healing. We meet at the solar quarters and cross-quarters in a congenial atmosphere.

Lodge Rosa Stellaris welcomes inquiries from prospective members who participate in a supervised magical school. Initially, participation in our study group allows you to ascertain interest, commitment, and ability to fit well with the existing group. If you live so far away that participation in the WMSG is not feasible, contact us, and we will find a way to work around this.